Th. Jansen-Armaturen GmbH

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“The Th. Jansen-Armaturen GmbH (former FRIATEC AG Valves Division) in Sankt Ingbert-Rohrbach has more than 100 years experience in producing engineered industrial valves.

Since 1992, our wide range of high-performance valves has been included the products of the Th. Jansen-Armaturen GmbH for the applications Iron & Steel, Power Plants and Water Management as well as those of the former FRIATEC-Rheinhütte GmbH & Co. for the applications Chemical and Petrochemical Industry and Gas.

Continuously improving our valves made us to one of the few worldwide acting specialists for some challenging application areas, as for example the pig-iron extraction or the ethylene production.

Our focus is to develop, design, manufacture and sell high-quality and low-maintenance valves that meet the high demand of our customers and justify the trust they place in us.

We consider ourselves as a competent and reliable partner for the industry, developing custom-made and innovative solutions not only for, but also together with you, our customers!”.